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Posted: April 18, 2009 in NBA, playoffs

The Cavs are up by twelve at half. The King hit a trey just past the halfcourt before the end of the 2nd Q. The Cavs are shooting 61% from the field. The King is doin whatever he wants right now.

On another note, Rodney Stuckey is ballin right now. The Cavs may want to work on rotating defensively. The Pistons are using Rip effectively in the post, but they are clearly missing Chauncey Billups aka CBills. The Pistons seem to be playing too fast right now.

One of the plays of the first half was a lob from Z to the King. Also, Z phreeked Sheed on a fadeaway baseline J. It was dirty.

LBJ’s half time stats: 22, 6, and 4. AT HALF! Clearly he has to slow down, right? Right? RIGHT!?