Don’t nobody want no parts of him

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
Paul Williams and Winky Wright AP Photo/Eric Jamison

In case you didn’t hear about the Paul Williams vs. Winky Wright fight, it wasn’t a fight.  Williams, whom looks like Big L, put the smacketh down on Winky.   

Here’s Wright’s problem,

It’s going to continue to be a problem, for obvious reasons. Who wants to deal with a 6-foot-2 southpaw with a good chin, respectable power and stamina to throw punches in bunches for three minutes of every round?

Oh yeah, there’s also his 82-inch reach, which is an inch longer than that of heavyweight titleholder Wladimir Klitschko. Think about that for a minute.

He has too much reach like the toothbrush.  Eventually, Williams will have to pack on the pounds and fight as a heavyweight.  Williams almost has 8 foot reach.  He’s short by 2 inches.  Sportaphile gave Williams shout out a long time ago.  This cat is a problem. 

This brings up a logical question.  Who wants to step in the right with a 6’2″ boxer with a wingspan near 8 feet?  Exactly.  No one.  So he will have to keep goin up in weight classes.

In the bout, Williams threw 1,086 punches.  That averages out to 90.5 punches per round.  Each round is only 3 minutes long.  That’s a bit more than 30 punches a minute.  One punch every two seconds.  Stank-0 feels sorry for Winky that’s an onslaught. 

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  1. MDUBB says:

    Saw the fight myself, very one sided from the outset.I agree, I think eventually Williams is gonna have to move up, but lets see what he does with Kelly Pavlick at Middleweight before we send him to the heavies.

  2. Ok, I’ve been meaning to watch this fight in its entirety and I finally did…

    Winky Wright fought a helluva fight, maybe one of the best 3-5 fights I’ve ever seen. And he got destroyed. Paul’s gotta fight Pavlik and some of the middleweight’s top fights. He’d beat Pavlik unless Pavlik could rock him.

    Good ish, hope Winky fights again.


  3. @ MDubb and Ed.

    I’m gonna make it simple. Paul Williams is a meast aka man beast.

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