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Paul Williams and Winky Wright AP Photo/Eric Jamison

In case you didn’t hear about the Paul Williams vs. Winky Wright fight, it wasn’t a fight.  Williams, whom looks like Big L, put the smacketh down on Winky.   

Here’s Wright’s problem,

It’s going to continue to be a problem, for obvious reasons. Who wants to deal with a 6-foot-2 southpaw with a good chin, respectable power and stamina to throw punches in bunches for three minutes of every round?

Oh yeah, there’s also his 82-inch reach, which is an inch longer than that of heavyweight titleholder Wladimir Klitschko. Think about that for a minute.

He has too much reach like the toothbrush.  Eventually, Williams will have to pack on the pounds and fight as a heavyweight.  Williams almost has 8 foot reach.  He’s short by 2 inches.  Sportaphile gave Williams shout out a long time ago.  This cat is a problem. 

This brings up a logical question.  Who wants to step in the right with a 6’2″ boxer with a wingspan near 8 feet?  Exactly.  No one.  So he will have to keep goin up in weight classes.

In the bout, Williams threw 1,086 punches.  That averages out to 90.5 punches per round.  Each round is only 3 minutes long.  That’s a bit more than 30 punches a minute.  One punch every two seconds.  Stank-0 feels sorry for Winky that’s an onslaught. 

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