Title game

Posted: April 6, 2009 in college basketball, sports opinion, the Dance

Man…the Spartans are BALLIN for real.  That’s just hard nosed, Midwestern grind-it-out defense. 

They held Kansas waaaay under their scoring average and overcame a 13 point 2nd half deficit.  Then Terrence Williams (my dark horse Big East player of the year) got the straitjacket treatment.  AJ Price got his in the Final 4

The Spartans have the luxury of a deep bench.  They just throw bodies at you.  Then they have home court advantage being in Detroit. 

As for UNC…well Lawson makes them go.  Pure and simple.  They have a experience of being there before.  They boast the current player of the year (It will be B Griff next count on it!)  Ellington is doing his thug thizzle. 

The coaches are even, Roy and Izzo.  Both have been here before.  Stank-0 still thinks this is like Roy’s first time because he won the title in 2005 with another guy’s players. 

So who wins?  Stank-0 can’t go with destiny since each have it on their side.  It just feels like Michigan St. has the mojo right now.  Lawson is great but the Spartans will keep throwin bodies at UNC.  This is Izzo’s 2nd ring.  Magic will be so pleased. 

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  1. Yeah, you were dead wrong on this one, just like I was. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck UNC.-Ed.

  2. Werdssmith says:

    yeah Stank-0 fumbled on this one.

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