Mile High? City of Wind!

Posted: April 2, 2009 in NFL, offseason, trade

What a move! The Bears D has been carrying the Bears for a very long time. PTI is already thinking Super Bowl. Slow ya flow, playa.

This is a very good move. I thought he would end up in the wasteland of Detroit, but the Chi? That’s a whole ‘nother move. The Bears D only need a game manager, but Jay is more than a manager. He can put the offense in the place to score alot of points. Combine that with the D and they can go places. They have jumped to the head of the NFC North in a big way. The Vikes were in the driver seat but QB play was holding them back, while wasting Purple Jesus aka AD’s prime.

Lookin on other side…the Broncos got Kyle Orton and two 1st round picks in return, 2009 and 2010. Kyle Orton, really? I guess that makes sense because no one is goin to be willing to take Turnoversaurus Rex. Kyle got the arm but nowhere near what Jay has. Orton did progress last season. He was making some great throws.

Here’s the Bears offense problem. They don’t have the weapons that Jay is used to in Denver. Good thing the draft is comin up.

I also don’t buy that the Broncos can find a franchise QB through the draft. Drafting a QB is a very hit-or-miss proposition. I guess the Stankoniforous Files fam will have to rate the QBs in the upcoming draft.

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