When wearing a badge creates problems

Posted: March 31, 2009 in NFL, offseason, sports opinion
By now you have to have heard about Ryan Moats encounter with the police.  At the time, Stank-0 stated that homey was toast, just on the strength of him deciding that Moats’ “behavior” warranted a lecture.  Add in a dying relative.  Curtains.  Ether.  *Playin Taps*  Little did Stank-0 realize how big this would get.  All because of a little thing called a dashcam.  If not for it, it would Moats’ word vs. the officer’s.  Infinitely more dismissible. 

Now word comes down that Zach Thomas’ wife had a run-in with the very same officer.  She was cuffed and detained for 3 hours.  This is on a whole other level.  This is a white woman and the wife of a professional football player in the state of Texas, the Cowboys no less.  She received 5 tickets.  Clearly this officer (his last name is Powell) has some abuse of power issues.   

Now Officer Powell is writing apologies and making statements tryin to save that job since they are hard to come by in this economy.  Stank-0 could see him being blacklisted if he loses his job or even if he keeps it. 

Word of advice for other officers with similar issues: turn the dashcam off.  Uh…Stank-0 thinks that cam has to be on during a traffic stop sooooo…. never mind.  This could have ended in about 2 minutes.  Let’s rerun the scenario. 

Officer Powell:  Sir, why did you run the red light? 
Moats:  My mother-in-law is near death so we came….
Powell:  Son, go see her.  Sorry to bother you in your time of need. 

Was it really that hard to ask a question or two?  Stank-0 says, Off with his head!  What say you ? 

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