Final 4!!!

Posted: March 30, 2009 in college basketball, the Dance
AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Ain’t this somethin!?  L’ville did not make it!  Again maybe M0yo was right in saying they hadn’t played anyone.  Maybe Mich St. is on a mission. 

BGreazy did his thug thizzle, but OU did not.  UNC is Final 4 bound!  Griff still got his numbers but the Sooners started out too flat and UNC jumped on them and didn’t let up.  Eerily similar to last year…except the J-Hawks were the ones doing the jumpin on. 

So Michigan St. clashes with UConn and the Huskies have won the title at 5 year intervals the last ring was in 2004, and the previous ring was 1999.  Stank-0’s money is on the Huskies to slip past the Spartans. 

Nova and UNC clash on the other side of the bracket.  UNC will advance.  Nova doesn’t have the bodies inside to deal with Tyler H.  That creates the inside-out offense that will allow Lawson and nem to penetrate into the lane.

We will have a big man heavy title game.  Hashim Thabeet vs. Tyler H.  Ratings bonanza! 

Stank-0 will wait until they actually play the games, to make his National Championship game prediction. 

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