Sweet 16…now Elite 8

Posted: March 28, 2009 in college basketball, the Dance
AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Unfortunately, the best (read: most excruciating) game in the round of 16 involved my beloved J-Hawks

Stank-0 would be lyin if he said that the loss didn’t hurt, however, Stank-0 understands that this year’s team was exceedingly young with Sherron Collins being the oldest on the team, he’s a junior.  Cole Aldrich is a sophomore and the rest are freshman. 

Having said all that, they were up by as much as 13.  Again young teams allow people to get back in the game.  This will be beneficial for next season, especially if Collins returns. 

UNC did exactly what people expected and advanced past Gonzaga.  Was there ever any doubt?

Stank-0 thinks their run ends in the next round. 

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Speakin of which, they will face OU which pummeled Cuse. Can we quit frontin and just give B Griff Player of the Year right now?  Son dropped 30 and 12 on Cuse’s zone.   

BGreasy is a meast aka man beast…or a manster (a combination of man and monster).  Cuse had quite a run from the 6 OT thriller to the round of 16.  JFly’s back played a role in them goin down this game.  Stank-0 can’t front JFly is fun to watch.  Remember when he posterized son? 

AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Lastly, L’ville is just a machine, however, M0yo says they ain’t played nobody yet.  Arizona certainly did not constitute an obstacle

Michigan St. will be a test, but Stank-0 looks for them to pass with flying colors. 

Right now UConn and Mizzou are battling with the Huskies up 49-44.  Stank-0 is torn about this game.  Stank-0 is all about conference solidarity, however, its Missouri…so it’s a toss up. 

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