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I appreciate our newest contributor writing about something other than the Big XII.

The comments section in M0yo’s post has garnered debate about who should get the #1’s.

Let’s run this down proper like:

OU, KU, UConn and Pitt all lost in their first conference tournament games. How can the committee in all honestly reward them for failure? Especially since the committee looks at recent play in seeding the field. OU, UConn, and Pitt were clearly in the running for a 1. KU could have stolen a 1 by winning the Big XII. They were clearly a 2, now probably a 3-5 now.

I agree with Stank-0, UNC, possibly Duke, definitely L’Ville, UCLA, and maybe maybe maybe Michigan State are in the running for a 1 now. That’s just fact. They are all still playing. If L’Ville wins the Big East, they are a lock for a 1. I could see UNC being rewarded because it is a name school.

That is all. Now it’s time to start gettin your brackets ready.

Of course, we knew Stank-o would ignore the Big East. I can’t really say that I blame him. I mean his beloved Jayhawks took an L from this same Syracuse team earlier this season in a house they had not lost in since 1982. Sour grapes or just indifference? Who knows? but… Just so it’s out there the Big East tournament blows every other conference tourney out of the water. The fact of the matter is this…

– 3 top 5 teams – 6 top 25 teams
– Crazy comeback by Marquette and then eventual buzzer beater by ‘Nova
– West Virginia beating #2 ranked Pittsburgh
– Oh, and my team, #20 Syracuse beating #4 UConn in 6 OT’s

MAJOR drama. Jim Boeheim may be getting a little too old for this. He was at a loss for words as he repeatedly said “Words cannot describe my emotions of this game”. You can’t say enough about how both teams made play after play as the night wore on. I actually have a new found respect for UConn (a team I dislike to no end) AJ Price played his friggin heart out. He’s a balla! point blank period. In the end J fly Jonny Flynn and the Orange crew were not to be denied and I for one am the happiest most tired basketball fan breathing right now. It’s was a honor to watch history happen and for my team to prevail as the winner. Look at the box score!