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Thus far the game of the Big XII (what you thought Stank-0 would cover the Big East?) has been Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Mike Singletary? Really, son! Twenty-nine straight. He eventually hit for a George W. Bush.

Stank-0 was watchin with an A&M alum, and he commented that the Aggies weren’t playing like themselves. Stank-0 saw they were handling the Red Raiders, and asked, “What’s the problem you’re up.” As Stank-0 and his Aggie co-hort were departing from the ESPN Zone, Singletary had started to get hot. Seeing that A&M was up 12, Stank-0 thought Tech might be slowly awakening.

Arriving at our light rail stop, the alum got a txt. Tech was up! WHAT!? We both assumed that Jake Voskuhl had gotten hot (like he did against KU…for 45.) When we saw Sportscenter the alum was definitely not pleased. He’s not sweatin it because A&M is dancing.

Today KU draws Baylor, the Bedlam series runs it back, Mizzou vs. Tech, and K-State and the Longhorns go at it.