A bit unfair

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Dallas Cowboys, NFL, offseason, T.O.

The Stankoniforous Files will weigh in on the T.O. situation. Not him being cut, that has been examined and re-examined.

Instead, T.O.’s treatment is a bit unfair. He has never been arrested on cocaine charges. (*We’re looking at you, Matt Jones*) He has never been suspended by the NFL for steriod use (*Shawn Merriman*), been suspended by the league. Period.

Yet ESPN especially (*Ed Werder, talkin to you*) has treated T.O. like he is the end of Western civilization. Yes, T.O. wants to win so badly that he can be a uber-@sshole. If Stank-0 is wrong, then post footage of T.O. not talkin in the context of a game. Yet, there are other players who flip out and they are mentioned as examples of how much they want to win. (*Jay Cutler has been known to get in the face of teammates. *) Uh….really?

Yes, the method may be wrong, but the message is spot on. Jeff Garcia did not turn into a proven winner until Philly. McNabb didn’t seem to bring his A game to the Super Bowl. Tony Romo seems to revel in the spotlight of being an superstar NFL quarterback, but nothing else. So throwing these QBs under the boss hasn’t been exactly wrong.

The locker room problems seem to be a consequence of him calling out player’s willingness to bring their game. Or them throwing him the damn ball. (*Keyshawn Johnson, noted author*) On this point, #1 receivers have much in common with T.O. Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, and Marvin Harrison have all made statements about wanting the ball in their hands. It’s like we are baggin on T.O. for the very thing we expect in receivers. If he didn’t want the ball we would question his cojones, but he wants the ball so we call him selfish.

T.O. is clearly in the downward slope of his career, he is 35. It is inevitable. He has kept his body in phenomenal condition so he still have miles on him. He may not be #1 material but he can be a capable #2.

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