Kansas City Shuffle

Posted: March 1, 2009 in AFC West, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, offseason

Matt Cassel
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Big Big BIG BIG UPS to GM Pioli. Never in Stank-0’s wildest dreams did he think the Chiefs would get Matt Cassel. Pioli has made Stank-0 a believer, Cassel is the new starting quarterback for the Chiefs!!!!

Stank-0 expected Pioli to take about 2-3 seasons to start putting some offense on the field. The GM’s timetable must be a bit faster. That means that the playmakers will have to be at the OTAs on GP, *lookin at Dwayne Bowe*

After putting the franchise tag on Matt Cassel as insurance for their two-time Super Bowl MVP, the Patriots shipped Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City on Saturday. The Chiefs gave up shockingly little — the 34th overall pick in the April draft for both players.

Honestly, Pioli got Executive of the Year on lock and the season hasn’t even started yet! BALLIN!

Stank-0 also wonders how this will effect TGon’s decision to leave KC.

That alone won’t do it, but it’s a step in the right direction. A veteran linebacker and an up and coming quarterback, in a weak AFC West. Combine that with the fact that Tomlinson is declining and Cutler is on the trading block. The Chiefs could steal the AFC West with a plastic gun right now.

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