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So Calipari is considering the Kentucky coaching job. This one is a no brainer. Billy G got fired after two seasons, they missed the Dance for the first time in 17 years, the fanbase has unreal expectations, and they don’t have the talent they used to have.

How is this decision that difficult? At Memphis, Calipari can become the winningest coach in men’s college basketball. He could average 30 win seasons, Conference USA is Memphis’ to lose every single year, and they get great recruits because they only really battle UTenn for players.

In Kentucky, he’s gonna be fighting with former UK coach and future HOFer Rick Pitino. Yes, Kentucky is a storied program but it’s not what it used to be. We at Stankoniforous Files are fond of giving unwanted free advice but this time I want to seriously help Calipari. Stay where you are.

In about 4-5 more seasons, Memphis will be a name program as well. Just work on keepin your freshman past a single year and you are on your way. Thank me later.

By now you have to have heard about Ryan Moats encounter with the police.  At the time, Stank-0 stated that homey was toast, just on the strength of him deciding that Moats’ “behavior” warranted a lecture.  Add in a dying relative.  Curtains.  Ether.  *Playin Taps*  Little did Stank-0 realize how big this would get.  All because of a little thing called a dashcam.  If not for it, it would Moats’ word vs. the officer’s.  Infinitely more dismissible. 

Now word comes down that Zach Thomas’ wife had a run-in with the very same officer.  She was cuffed and detained for 3 hours.  This is on a whole other level.  This is a white woman and the wife of a professional football player in the state of Texas, the Cowboys no less.  She received 5 tickets.  Clearly this officer (his last name is Powell) has some abuse of power issues.   

Now Officer Powell is writing apologies and making statements tryin to save that job since they are hard to come by in this economy.  Stank-0 could see him being blacklisted if he loses his job or even if he keeps it. 

Word of advice for other officers with similar issues: turn the dashcam off.  Uh…Stank-0 thinks that cam has to be on during a traffic stop sooooo…. never mind.  This could have ended in about 2 minutes.  Let’s rerun the scenario. 

Officer Powell:  Sir, why did you run the red light? 
Moats:  My mother-in-law is near death so we came….
Powell:  Son, go see her.  Sorry to bother you in your time of need. 

Was it really that hard to ask a question or two?  Stank-0 says, Off with his head!  What say you ? 

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Final 4!!!

Posted: March 30, 2009 in college basketball, the Dance
AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Ain’t this somethin!?  L’ville did not make it!  Again maybe M0yo was right in saying they hadn’t played anyone.  Maybe Mich St. is on a mission. 

BGreazy did his thug thizzle, but OU did not.  UNC is Final 4 bound!  Griff still got his numbers but the Sooners started out too flat and UNC jumped on them and didn’t let up.  Eerily similar to last year…except the J-Hawks were the ones doing the jumpin on. 

So Michigan St. clashes with UConn and the Huskies have won the title at 5 year intervals the last ring was in 2004, and the previous ring was 1999.  Stank-0’s money is on the Huskies to slip past the Spartans. 

Nova and UNC clash on the other side of the bracket.  UNC will advance.  Nova doesn’t have the bodies inside to deal with Tyler H.  That creates the inside-out offense that will allow Lawson and nem to penetrate into the lane.

We will have a big man heavy title game.  Hashim Thabeet vs. Tyler H.  Ratings bonanza! 

Stank-0 will wait until they actually play the games, to make his National Championship game prediction. 

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AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Unfortunately, the best (read: most excruciating) game in the round of 16 involved my beloved J-Hawks

Stank-0 would be lyin if he said that the loss didn’t hurt, however, Stank-0 understands that this year’s team was exceedingly young with Sherron Collins being the oldest on the team, he’s a junior.  Cole Aldrich is a sophomore and the rest are freshman. 

Having said all that, they were up by as much as 13.  Again young teams allow people to get back in the game.  This will be beneficial for next season, especially if Collins returns. 

UNC did exactly what people expected and advanced past Gonzaga.  Was there ever any doubt?

Stank-0 thinks their run ends in the next round. 

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Speakin of which, they will face OU which pummeled Cuse. Can we quit frontin and just give B Griff Player of the Year right now?  Son dropped 30 and 12 on Cuse’s zone.   

BGreasy is a meast aka man beast…or a manster (a combination of man and monster).  Cuse had quite a run from the 6 OT thriller to the round of 16.  JFly’s back played a role in them goin down this game.  Stank-0 can’t front JFly is fun to watch.  Remember when he posterized son? 

AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Lastly, L’ville is just a machine, however, M0yo says they ain’t played nobody yet.  Arizona certainly did not constitute an obstacle

Michigan St. will be a test, but Stank-0 looks for them to pass with flying colors. 

Right now UConn and Mizzou are battling with the Huskies up 49-44.  Stank-0 is torn about this game.  Stank-0 is all about conference solidarity, however, its Missouri…so it’s a toss up. 

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Dancing…Sweet 16

Posted: March 27, 2009 in the Dance
AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Stank-0 wonders how he allowed Memphis to fool him into thinking they were a legitimate contender.  Memphis was clankin during their 1st round game.  When you can’t shoot outside, eventually your face will look like the pic above.  Your face will be scrunched up because you’ve cried yourself to sleep after goin home.  Is it just Stank-0 or does that guy look like Joe Buddens? 

Unfortunately, Stank-0 drank the kool-aid (thanks ESPN…for co-signin on their win streak…in a weak conference) and believed that Memphis could make a run to the Elite 8, where they would surely lose. 

AP Photo/Winslow Townson

As for the Duke game, Stank-0 had them losing to Texas in the round of 32, so he missed on that one.  Quite frankly, Stank-0 is surprised anyone would pick Duke to even make it past the 2nd round on a consistent basis. 

This is not the Duke we are used to seeing.  The talent clearly isn’t there.  They tossed Greg Paulus into the game and he promptly got sonned by Scott Reynolds.  Guard play used to be Duke’s strength, which is also the strength for college basketball.  Zones can take away a big man, which is why a team needs a wealth of wing players to get the job done. 

AP Photo/Winslow Townson

Lastly, Pitt.  What can be said about Pitt that hasn’t been said before?  They keep sneakin by on the skin of their teeth.  They have the grittiness and grime to win those close games, however, Stank-0 is convinced that their run of luck will end.  With that being said, Levance Fields (pictured above) got some King Kong sized cojones.  He took a helluva trey to push Pitt over the top. 

The next game will push them even more but Nova doesn’t have the big man to make Blair work on the defensive end.  The Reynolds-Fields battle will be worth the price of admission.  Pitt will advance. 

The only 1 seed Stank-0 sees fallin is UNC to either Cuse or Oklahoma.  They have a tough road to plow and they don’t have the requisite guards (with Lawson’s turf toe problem) to make a go of it. 

Either B Griff will eat up Tyler or J Fly will go off in Lawson.  It’s not a good situation to be in. 

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The Gmen have a backlog at the defensive line position with Osi comin back

With the signing of defensive end Chris Canty and tackle Rocky Bernard and the return of Umenyiora, the Giants are deep on the defensive line. They also have Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, Fred Robbins, Barry Cofield and Jay Alford.

It’s almost unfair that the Gmen can lose Osi for the year, still do well enough to make the playoffs, sign some vets, and get back Osi for this season!

The GMen made enough moves to pretty much lock down the NFC East this upcoming season, even without Plax coming back.

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A reason to watch the NIT

Posted: March 20, 2009 in posterized

Stank-0 can’t think of a stronger word than posterization for this one right here.

As always shout outs go to [You got Dunked on]

Dancing….1st wave

Posted: March 19, 2009 in NCAA, the Dance
Dwayne Anderson Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Some thoughts on the first games….

A&M jumped all over BYU. Brigham Young clawed back into and now have a 12 point halftime deficit.

Memphis has its hands full with the 16 seeded Northridge. Memphis, step your jumper game up. Only a bench player, Roburt Sallie, is strokin it from deep. Memphis, you need to make this happen or you will screw up alot of brackets.

LSU has a 6 point halftime lead over Butler. I get the feeling that LSU is gonna pull away in the 2nd half. Butler’s 1st possession of the 2nd half they dump it down low and bring the lead down to 4. Butler gonna pound the middle.

Also NCAA’s commercial was hot.

More will come later.

UPDATE! The Memphis-CS Northridge game has been the game of the tourney so far. Unfortunately, Memphis’ fatal flaw, shooting, has been exposed.

Other games of note today are: Gonzaga pullin one out against Akron, U Dub (Washington) blitzed M-i crooked letters, Michigan eked by Clemson, A&M pummeled BYU, Nova rallied past American U, UT moved past Minnesota, and most other games have gone according to seed. Ho hum!

Deal or no deal?

Posted: March 17, 2009 in AFC West, Denver Broncos

Cutler is still pretty upset about the almost trade. Well now things have come to a head. Cutler has told his agent (coincidentally the same agent that Brett Favre has) that he wants a trade.

The Denver Post’s Woody Paige blamed Pat Bowlen, Josh McDaniels, Cutler and his agent for the turn of events.

Now Stank-0 loves when division foes shoot themselves in the foot, but this has gone on long enough. Cutler, the hurt feelings are understood. McD lied about trying to deal you, and that ain’t right. Let’s be all the way real about this.

If you were to get dealt, where exactly do you think you will land, Dallas? New England? New York? Baltimore? No sir, if you get dealt you will end up in Detroit or some team along those lines.

Pat, you should have jumped publicly into the fray waaaaaaaaaay before now. You are the man who signs the checks, act like it!

Josh, you should have manned up and said, “Yes, I tried to deal you, because you think you have the arm of God but you think like someone with a head injury.”

Jay-C, it’s time to end this one way or the other.

The agent has a history of this type of theatrics so Stank-0 is not surprised.

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Unbelieveably, the Big East did garner three #1’s. It seems that S-dot was wrong.

Stank-0 is also surprised that UConn got a 1 seed as, seeing as they flamed out in their first game. Wonder what was the criterion for giving the 1’s? It couldn’t have been conference tourneys alone, for obvious reasons.

After looking at the bracket, the Midwest Region looks monstrous. Good luck to all the teams in that region.

Also, how did the Pac-10 and the ACC each get 7 teams? Really? Stank-0 is missing something. Arizona got in with a RPI of 63. Guess Lute Olson made a “donation.” How did the Big 10 get more than Michigan St. in? The rest of that conference is straight dookie.