Overpaying for underperformance

Posted: February 27, 2009 in NFL, offseason, Washington Redskins

What is the deal with DeAngelo Hall? His abilities were highlighted here. Stank-0 is not sold on Hall. AT ALL. Well Six Flags Snyder thinks he is worth 6 years @ $54M. Thirty million over the first three years.

Stank-0 doesn’t get it. Hall has not been nice since…*thinkin*… his early days in ATL. He thinks he is an elite corner. He got flamed up by a rook, Eddie Royal, in his first game of his career. Stank-0 would expect the rook to get a few balls off of being amped, but he did up Hall all game long.

Snyder is determined to spend up the money he saved from last offseason. Poor Redskins fans and Stank-0 can think of one in particular right now. To those Skins fans that read this blog…stay away from the ledge. It’s not that serious.

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