Offseason splashes!!!!

Posted: February 27, 2009 in NFL, offseason
Six Flags Snyder is bent, bound, and determined to spend the Redskins to a Super Bowl. The Redskins landed Haynesworth aka Sir Stomps Alot. I’m not totally sold on Haynesworth.

It was a contract year, he hasn’t played a full season in some time, and he’s not that young anymore. Lastly, he had a top notch D line as a Titan. Double teaming him now may be more effective. Who will pick up the slack on the Skins line?

His presence should helped the newly revamped Skins defensive secondary. The Skins are making an effort to compete for that NFC East crown.

In other news, the Pioli regime claimed their first Patriot, Mike Vrabel. Not sure how big that will be considering the aging Vrabel. Maybe it’s a locker room-related decision. A paradigm shift in mentality.

The Vikes have dealt for Sage Rosenfels. The Vikings definitely needed a new quarterback in light of the offense they have. (AD aka Purple Jesus!) Add the fact, that TJ Houshmandzadeh free agent receiver, specifically mentioned this team, and they need to upgrade the quarterback to compete in a relatively weak NFC North.

Unfortunately for the other teams in the AFC West, Brian Dawkins has agreed to a 2 year deal with the Broncos. 

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