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Offseason splashes!!!!

Posted: February 27, 2009 in NFL, offseason
Six Flags Snyder is bent, bound, and determined to spend the Redskins to a Super Bowl. The Redskins landed Haynesworth aka Sir Stomps Alot. I’m not totally sold on Haynesworth.

It was a contract year, he hasn’t played a full season in some time, and he’s not that young anymore. Lastly, he had a top notch D line as a Titan. Double teaming him now may be more effective. Who will pick up the slack on the Skins line?

His presence should helped the newly revamped Skins defensive secondary. The Skins are making an effort to compete for that NFC East crown.

In other news, the Pioli regime claimed their first Patriot, Mike Vrabel. Not sure how big that will be considering the aging Vrabel. Maybe it’s a locker room-related decision. A paradigm shift in mentality.

The Vikes have dealt for Sage Rosenfels. The Vikings definitely needed a new quarterback in light of the offense they have. (AD aka Purple Jesus!) Add the fact, that TJ Houshmandzadeh free agent receiver, specifically mentioned this team, and they need to upgrade the quarterback to compete in a relatively weak NFC North.

Unfortunately for the other teams in the AFC West, Brian Dawkins has agreed to a 2 year deal with the Broncos. 

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It will eventually make sense

Posted: February 27, 2009 in NFL, offseason
Tampa cutting all those vets was for a reason. The Bucs have dealt for K2 aka Kellen Winslow Jr.

If K2 can be the soldier he was during his break out season, the Bucs have the makings of some serious offense. Antonio Bryant and K2. The only question mark is the quarterback.

In other news, the Ravens lose one LB, Bart Scott to the Jets to the tune of 6 yrs @ $48M. Scott gets reunited with Rex Ryan, his former defensive coordinator. The question Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens GM, needs to consider is can he keep Ray Lewis? Their D may be dependent upon it.

Also, the Pats have agreed to terms with Taylor.  He’s still got miles left on him.  He will be a nice addition to Maroney. 

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What is the deal with DeAngelo Hall? His abilities were highlighted here. Stank-0 is not sold on Hall. AT ALL. Well Six Flags Snyder thinks he is worth 6 years @ $54M. Thirty million over the first three years.

Stank-0 doesn’t get it. Hall has not been nice since…*thinkin*… his early days in ATL. He thinks he is an elite corner. He got flamed up by a rook, Eddie Royal, in his first game of his career. Stank-0 would expect the rook to get a few balls off of being amped, but he did up Hall all game long.

Snyder is determined to spend up the money he saved from last offseason. Poor Redskins fans and Stank-0 can think of one in particular right now. To those Skins fans that read this blog…stay away from the ledge. It’s not that serious.

Closer to reality

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Boston Celtics, NBA, Stephon Marbury

I wrote about Marbury joining the Celtics in January. Well, the Knicks finally cut him loose and he is set to join the Celtics.

I said this earlier.

This is the dumbest move the Celtics could possibly make. Hopeful of signing him? What in the wide world of sports is goin on? A declining point guard who shoots first goin to the champion Celtics?
Several teams that could use Marbury have passed so why should the Celtics take him? It might be cheap but Marbury isn’t exactly a safe bet. He hasn’t been a sure thing since he was drafted in 96. He has gotten himself dealt from two teams.
What are your thought, readers? Should the Celtics take him.

My thoughts haven’t changed at all. The Lakers are that much better after goin through the Finals last year. Couple that with this being an odd year, so that makes the Spurs a very strong candidate to win the title. Which means next year, we can cross the Spurs off the list of title contenders.

So why add a combustible aging point guard to a very good mix? Honestly, I feel like Starbury peaked in PHX or NJ. It’s been slowly downhill since then. Sure, he will be onboard because he wants a ring, but how long will the long-term goal take a backseat to playing time or shots?

The question that Ainge needs to ask is, does this make the Celtics substantially better? In my opinion, the answer is no. Let some other team deal with Hurricane Marbury.