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Dismissed, in three parts

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Dismissed, NBA, NFL

As was widely expected, the Suns have let Terry Porter go. That is unfortunate because TP was working on making the Suns more defensive. There have been alot of moving parts, players traded and new players brought in. Add an aging core, and you have some instability. TP deserved more time. The Suns are a single game back of the 8th playoff stop. Karma may bite the Suns in the @ss.

In other news, Fred Taylor has been released by the Jags. From a business standpoint, I can understand, but Taylor still got miles to give. They do have Jones-Drew to be the main guy, but Taylor is still doing his thug thizzle. I can assume that Taylor will get a few phone calls.

On last note, the Bucs have finally made it clear that Jeff Garcia has been jettisonned. Stank-0 said it best concerning Garcia.

You are releasing the best quarterback that you have. In case you haven’t noticed, Garcia is a proven winner. Luke McCown?

GM Pioli, give Garcia and Taylor a call. RIGHT NOW! That could save the 1st round pick, and the Chiefs could nab a QB in a later round. Stank-0 got personnel skills.

Indeed Stank-0 indeed. Taylor could be a stopgap while they decide on how to deal with LJ. S-dot got skillz too.