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Rookie Game quotables

Posted: February 14, 2009 in All Star, NBA, Rookie game

Since the action isn’t great on the floor maybe the mic game will step up. Some quotes so far.

On the Lakers acquiring Gasol
Smith: “Back in the day, you needed a black ski mask and a gun to get guys like that. They got him with a butter knife.”

On LeBron’s gold medal

Smith: “If you had Coach Williams, you would have two gold medals.”

On Michael Beasley flying to Manhattan, KS for the KU/K State game on Saturday

Smith: ‘That’s a big game? I only know about North Carolina. I don’t know about the other team, I know about North Carolina.”

On where LeBron would have gone to college

LBJ: Ohio State, Duke, North Carolina
Smith: Coach Williams, you hear that? We almost had him!

All Star Weekend news

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Jermaine O'Neal, NBA, Shawn Marion, trade

ESPN illustration

The Heat have agreed to deal Matrix for J.O. I feel sorry for Matrix. He didn’t want to be a 2nd fiddle to Nash. Well, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

This is the NBA equivalent of Siberia. Shawn Marion isn’t gettin any younger (31 in May) but he gets reunited with his PHX GM Colangelo. Maybe he can rekindle Matrix love of the game.

What happened?

Posted: February 14, 2009 in NBA
The Rookie Challenge is like watching spirited basketball practice. This contest used to be a two half highlight reel. This game is so boring that the commentators (with LeBron James guest starring) are talkin about everything but the game. No big dunks.

All I’m seeing are a bunch of layups, what is this the WNBA All Star game! Booo!  This is what the Rookie game used to look like. 

Rookie vs Sophomore 2004

Or the one in 2001.  Fast Forward through the All-Star Game or watch the whole thing.

2001 All Star and Rookie – Sophomore game highlights

If they can’t bring more excitement to the Rookie game, then scrap it. 

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