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Pro Bowl

Posted: February 9, 2009 in NFL, offseason, Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is glorified practice but some players have been showin out.

  • TGon might be auditionin for another team with the tiptoe TD he had.
  • Pro Bowl MVP Fitz actin like it’s still the Super Bowl, with a sick grab to end the half. Has Fitz become the new Randy Moss.
  • The halftime show felt thrown together. Enrique Iglesias and Ciara? Really!
  • There’s alot of potential free agents out there: Ray Lewis and Albert Haynesworth gettin the most noise.
  • AD aka Purple Jesus runnin like it’s the playoffs.
  • The winning conference gets 45Gs and the losers get 22Gs, so there were chants of 1-2-3 45!
  • Anquan on what how much it will take to keep him in Cards’ red, “I don’t know.” Stop lyin! You have a number in your head.
  • Collinsworth on Boldin’s surgery, “They removed his lower jaw, inserted 8 bolts and then reattached his jaw. Three weeks later he was out there playing in one of the more physical games, looking for contact.” That’s insane.
  • A fumblerooski TD!

Will Shields Fumblerooskie run in 1992 Nebraska vs Colorado

Coincidentally the play-by-play guys just referenced the above vid.

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