Our new head coach

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, offseason
Well, S-dot Jr. you wanted my response, here it is.  Stank-0 agrees that the Chiefs waited to late in the offseason to discard Edwards, however, there aren’t many coaches of note to obtain right now. 

A brand new coach has its advantages.  He can be imprinted from above, i.e. Pioli can mold him so they work together seamlessly.  That’s a good thing.  Pioli has a track record of being a good personnel guy.  The Chiefs are indeed young so Pioli can add pieces as are needed. 

As for TGon and LJ… it was time to move LJ when the Chiefs could have gotten somethin of value from him.  He’s 29 now so who will be willing to pony up picks for him?  That’s a question that Coach Haley will have to answer.  Gonzalez seemed to be hedging his bets about his future, and the Chiefs hold the trump card because he has two years on his deal.  This could backfire because if TGon is so ready to leave that he just plays out those two years, he’s a free agent.  Bye bye.

The next major decision is with quarterback.  Keep Croyle, Thigpen, Huard, or nab on in the draft?  The Chiefs have a high pick. 

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