Good move?

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, offseason

I wanted to write about this and see what Stank-0 has to say. The Chiefs have offered Todd Haley the coaching job.

What irks me is that this is an offensive coach. The Chiefs D was anemic so that would be where they need to focus. Scoring points should not be a problem. They have the pieces or even pieces to deal, i.e. TGon and LJ for picks. The team is full of young talent, but the QB situation needs to be resolved and there is an outside chance that Matt Cassel could follow Pioli out to KC.

If Haley is not the man, then who is next on the rolodex? Stank-0 what say you? Stank-0, what about goin after Shanahan?

I think KC’s biggest problem was they waited too long to let Edwards go and the fact that there are not many good coaches out there. Gruden? Bleh. Cowher? He likes that analyst money. Shanahan? Kinda iffy. What other big name coach is out there? Or are there any diamonds in the rough to be promoted?

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