Tell us something we don’t know

Posted: February 5, 2009 in David Beckham, soccer

Stank-0 touched on this before, but David Beckham wants to remain in Europe.

I agree with Stank-0 (shocking isn’t it) but a contract is a contract.

Look, let’s put a few things out there. No major soccer (football) star comes to the US to play at the peak of his power. That’s just FACT like the Wendy’s commercial.

True Stank so true. At least AC Milan and Galaxy are gonna talk about Beckham. Here’s the problem. The money involved. Unless Milan is willing to kick in to cover a quarter of a billion dollar contract, we got a problem.

I doubt that the entire amount is at stake. I’m sure there are endorsement deals, etc. involved but if he isn’t playing Stateside doesn’t that change the amount of the contract?

If I’m the Galaxy’s GM, I’m not lettin Beckham go without some significant “monetary compensation.” That means AC Milan is gonna be coming outta pocket.

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