The best player in college basketball…and likely #1 pick in the draft

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Big XII, college basketball

Ladies and gentlemen, that player would be none other than Blake Griffin. The kid can flat out play he has the most 20 pt, 10 rebs game in the last 10 years. He’s a rebounding machine. He is nice.

OU just handled O-State in the Bedlam series. What is it about the Big XII that they keep producing good players? Durant? B-Easy? Blake Griffin (I think he needs a nickname…and no B-Griff is not appropriate.)

I noticed that Ed and Stank-0 have started a blossoming OU/KU online rivalry. This will be fun to watch especially when OU and KU play in the Big XII tournament. I expect them to be talking plenty of madness.

Anyway back to Griff, his line:

Blake Griffin, F 9-11 FGs 0-0 3Pts 8-13 FTs 4 Off 19 Rebs 3 Asts 1 Blk 2 fouls 26 pts.

Right now he is the POY. Just to add to it all, there was an OKC Thunder rep to watch him dominate. Is Griff POY or is there someone else? What say you?

  1. Thanks for realizing that Oklahoma does it better, check out my post from earlier in the year…

  2. Damn, S-dot, get off his jock! Yes, he’s nice, but KU still winning another Big XII tournament. Stank-0 has forgotten how many tourneys the J-Hawks have won consecutively. If the Sooners do beat KU during the Big XII season, the J-Hawks will beat them in the tourney. LOCK IT UP.

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