NFL goings on

Posted: January 26, 2009 in NFL, offseason
Kerry Collins will start for the Titans next season.  Where does this leave Vince Young? 

This reveals that Vince isn’t put back together yet, which is unfortunate.  The word on the street is that Young fell apart b/c he had never been criticized before.  That makes sense.  In HS, he was told how good he was.  He arrives at TX and wins a title against a very talented SC team…so obviously he’s the next big thing. 

He gets to the NFL and almost leads a Titans team light on talent to an 8-8 record and sniff the playoffs.  So where has he heard, “Vince, you AREN’T hot s**t after all.  Now give me 50 up-downs.”

Is Fisher making Young go to QB camp or something?  They should be working on his throwing mechanics every day. 

Then lastly, Collins is not a spring chicken.  He’s got to be pushing 40. 

The NFL is a win right now league, but you have to build for tomorrow.  What are the Titans gonna do with Vince?  Sit him or deal him?

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