Rioting etiquette

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Tennis

Serbian Fans
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
The long and short of what happened in the Australian Open.  Serbian and Bosnian fans got into a fight.  Um…really?  Over tennis?  This is not the first time there was a tennis fight.

Ethnic passions boiled over for the third year in a row as Serbian and
Bosnian supporters clashed on tournament grounds shortly after Serbia’s
Novak Djokovic completed his 6-2, 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4) defeat of Bosnian-born American Amer Delic.

Stank-0 is not a fan of fighting at sporting events, however, if it must be done at least do it properly.  Europeans riot at soccer (football) games (matches).  Stank-0 could see someone gettin riled up at a soccer game, but tennis?  The competitors don’t even touch each other until the game is over.  So to all you ethnic sports fans of rioting tendencies, allow Stank-0 to help you. 

  1. If your team loses on a bad call, then yes throw a chair and start s**t.  
  2. If there is a blatant no call…
  3. If there is a flagrant foul that is ignored…
  4. If your team loses in the championship game…
  5. If your team misses out on the playoffs…
  6. If refs, umps make a horrible call and refuse to correct it…
  7. If a player intentionally hurts another player on your team

That’s about it.  So leave the tennis brawls to the video games. 

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