All things NBA, cont’d

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Euroleague, NBA, Stephon Marbury
After Josh Childress made the move to Greece, it was considered that others would willing follow. The latest name to make the move was possibly Stephon Marbury, who is wasting away waiting for the NY Knicks to buy him out or deal him (maybe to the Celtics)?

The same Greek team that signed Childress was very interested in Starbury, but that has passed. Their playoff roster is due and they wanted to bolster it with Starbury. Steph, it’s reality time. Are you trying to play basketball or watch in every arena in the NBA? I know you are paid up but you aren’t even allowed to put on your kicks and play for the team that signed you.

UPDATE:  Upon learning that Starbury prefers watching to playing, the Greek team is making a run at Pargo.

In other news, the newly vacant Grizz coaching position will not be filled by Avery Johnson. It’s understandable to go after Johnson because he did take the Mavericks to the Finals, but really? Avery Johnson?

Look, the Grizzlies are not a bad team they have the pieces there to be good.

0 Darrell Arthur PF 20 6-9 225 Kansas $977,160
7 Greg Buckner SG 32 6-4 210 Clemson $4,010,005
11 Mike Conley PG 21 6-1 180 Ohio State $3,630,480
23 Steve Francis PG 31 6-3 210 Maryland $2,634,480
33 Marc Gasol C 23 7-1 265 $3,093,333
22 Rudy Gay SF 22 6-8 222 Connecticut $2,579,400
15 Hamed Haddadi C 23 7-2 254 $1,572,221
55 Marko Jaric PG 30 6-7 224 $6,575,000
1 Kyle Lowry PG 22 6-0 175 Villanova $1,163,520
32 O.J. Mayo SG 21 6-4 210 USC $3,875,040
3 Darius Miles SF 27 6-9 235 $46,917
31 Darko Milicic C 23 7-0 275 $7,020,000
13 Quinton Ross SF 27 6-6 193 Southern Methodist $797,581
21 Hakim Warrick PF 26 6-9 219 Syracuse $2,119,102

That is a young nucleus to build around. I guess the question is whom to go after. Someone in college? An NBA assistant? Big name coach?

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