Imaginary conversation

Posted: January 19, 2009 in NFL, playoffs
This was touched upon here

How trill is the Cards’ OC (offensive coordinator) Todd Haley? Anquan Boldin was
gettin in his grill and he did not back down one iota. They were yappin
back and forth. Todd Haley unnamed Cards’ OC, you officially get Stank-0’s that’s-gangsta award for today.

but let’s play with it some more.  What do you think that conversation sounded like?  Now Stank-0 can read lips reasonably well and Haley appeared to say, “Don’t come at me like that”  so that will be incorporated but let’s get artistic shall we. 

Boldin, walking up to Haley:  Why did you pull me out of the game?
Haley: Because we have a chance to win this game, and I need my most able players on the field right now.  We’ll talk about this later.
Boldin: MFer!  I’m the best receiver on this team, I should be in there.
Haley: Don’t come at me like that, with your gippy, quarter speed @ss.  Fall back, I’m tryin to get us to the Super Bowl.  Besides the best receiver on this team is on the field right now and that would be Fitz
Boldin:  If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even have a job right now.  Act like you know. 
Haley:  Look, son, don’t get brand new.  You ain’t done s&%t since you were at Florida State.  This team advanced to this point without you playing because of Fitz and Warner.  You are so delusional or manical that you don’t see that.  Why don’t you stretch out somewhere before I really get upset. 

*End scene* 

Think you can do better?

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