Going to the Super Bowl!!!

Posted: January 19, 2009 in NFL, playoffs, Super Bowl
The Arizona Cardinals can remove their names from the teams that have NOT advanced to the Super Bowl. They eased past the Iggles to go to Tampa.

“To make it to the Super Bowl and to have a chance, an opportunity to win it, you relish those moments in your career,” said safety Adrian Wilson, the longest-tenured Cardinal. “This being my eighth year, and to be in this organization at this time with these players and these coaches, it’s a great moment.”

A stunning moment that nearly didn’t happen. Donovan McNabb was superb in leading Philadelphia’s second-half rally from 18 points down to a 25-24 lead, but after Hightower’s score, he misfired from midfield four times in the final moments.

Game notes:

  • What more can be said about Fitz? Hands soft as a baby’s bottom. He passed Rice for the most yards in the postseason.
  • The Iggles needed Westbrook. ALOT.
  • The Cards play some serious, surrious D.
  • Why was Edge playin so much when Hightower did most damage?
  • How trill is the Cards’ OC (offensive coordinator)? Anquan Boldin was gettin in his grill and he did not back down one iota. They were yappin back and forth. Cards’ OC, you officially get Stank-0’s that’s-gangsta award for today.

On to the other game.

Troy Polamalu
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The one-for-the-thumb Steelers are shootin for number 6.

Some game notes:

  • How hard were the hits in this game?
  • The Ravens O let the D down in this game.
  • Should the Ravens look for an upgrade at receiver in the offseason? Ocho Cinco? T.O.?
  • Roethlisberger is underratedly elusive. Seriously.
  • Joe Cool finally looked like a rookie.
  • How will the Ravens D look after losing Rex Ryan?
  • The Steelers just make plays when things go bad.

So do we continue to bet against the Cards? The AFC is looking really strong right now. With two weeks to heal up, who guards Fitz, Boldin, and Breaston? Are the Cards the greatest show on turf 2.0?

[Shout out to Sportaphile]

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