Dismissed, things are looking up now Edition

Posted: January 13, 2009 in Dismissed, NFL, offseason
With King Carl being disposed, there was lots of speculation about who would be the next GM in KC.  Cowher’s name was thrown around, but to no avail.  The Chiefs were able to pry Scott Pioli from the New England Patriots. 

Things do not look good for Herm Edwards right now.  Pioli would not leave New England without some promises being made.  Such as full control over who becomes the head coach.  Herm “You play to win the game” Edwards is clearly about to be unemployed, and Stank-0 is not sad at all.  Edwards’ track record is not good in NY or KC. 

To my Chiefs’ fans, peep this.

The decision to hire Pioli likely means Herman Edwards will not be back
as Chiefs head coach next season. Among the top candidates to succeed
Edwards is New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

That would be the architect of the Super Bowl champion Giants.  All Stank-0 can say is Thank you Jesus.  Christmas came early in 2009!

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