Curse of the #1?

Posted: January 11, 2009 in NFL, playoffs
Asante SamuelAl Bello/Getty Images

Things have broken the Iggles way and they will face the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game.

Philadelphia 23, NY Giants 11

Game thoughts:

  • McNabb was good inspite of the 2 INTs.
  • Maybe a week’s rest isn’t what it used to be. Every team with rest has lost so far.
  • Asante’s free agent move to Philly is lookin like a smart move right now.
  • Maybe the playoff push that Eli had last year was an aberration?
  • McNabb pickin up the phone reminded Stank-0 of Shannon Sharpe’s rant in New England back in the 90s. Pure comedy. If Stank-0 can get the photo, it will be a “post a caption” post.
  • Maybe the GMen did need Plaxico, huh? Not a single NY receiver got double teamed, a regular Plax occurence.
  • The wind played the best in-game scoring defense of any team on the field.
  • Third time is not always a charm in playing another team in your division.

If the Ravens are the 1st team no one wants to play, the Iggles have to be the 2nd.

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  1. Remember I said it from the get go, Eagles will be super bowl champs, but the Steelers looked fierce. -Ed.

  2. Noted. I’m still leaning with the Ravens. Defense travels better than offense.

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