Bizarro world

Posted: January 11, 2009 in NFL, playoffs
What happened to the Arizona Cardinals?  27-7 with a little more than 2 mins. left in the half?  Really! 

What more can be said about Fitz?  He is beasting the Panthers secondary right now, 6 catches, 151 yards and a TD.  He is abusing it so badly someone needs to call a hotline.  Imagine with Anquan Boldin was in the lineup?  Then there wouldn’t be anyone to double team. 

The Cards D?  Three turnovers?  Honestly, what planet are we on right now. 

Steve Smith has 0 first half receptions.  As in none, nada, zip, cero, and nol’. 

The Panthers’ D is starting the reach the point of being on the field too long. 

Think the Cardinals heard about West Coast teams not being able to win in the East? 

The Cards get the ball to start the 2nd half as well.

This post will be split between the halves.  Not to be premature but is this game over?  If the Cards advance, keep doubtin them because that is their fuel right now. 

Second half adjustments: 


  1. Double team Fitz!  Make it blatant or not but do it. 
  2. Don’t force the ball to Steve Smith. 
  3. Stay committed to the run.  The game isn’t out of reach yet. 


  1. Don’t force the ball to Fitz!  Utilize everyone in the formation. 
  2. Firm up the O-line.  Warner has been harrassed a few times.
  3. Stay committed to stopping the run!  It makes the Panthers one dimensional. 
  4. Stay loose.  All the pressure is on the Panthers.  

More coming later.

2nd Half

Steve Smith so far: 1 grab for 35 yards. 

The Cards have forced a 4th miscount 6th (5 off INTs, 2 in the red zone) turnover. 

Start of the 4th quarter, 30-7. 

Some questions: where does this leave Matt Leinart?  Does he get his job back?

Final 33-13. The first time the Cards have been to a Conference Championship game.

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