Who is alpha?

Posted: January 10, 2009 in NBA
This is the debate in the NBA. LBJ or KB? There have been good discussions namely, here.

I have to wade in here. For the longest, I was convinced that Bryant was the best player in the NBA. Kobe’s will was stronger (he is strong in the Force), but after watching LBJ dismantle the Celtics tonight my vote is LBJ. Part of the mystique with James is his body size. He could literally play linebacker or defensive end in the NFL right now. He is listed at 6’8″, 250 (prolly closer to 275). How do you slow down a linebacker on a fast break? That’s a question NBA coaches are still trying to answer. Taking the charge? He has enough body control to avoid it.

The next problem is his vision and passing ability. Someone that big should not be able to feel and see people like he does. It has morphed into as important a weapon as his physical skills. Doubling LBJ leaves open someone that James can pass to.

I wont’ continue because this has been a recurrent discussion. What say you, Sports Nation?

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  1. SoulOnIce says:

    I gotta go with Kobe at #1 (even though I hate him), Wade at #2, and LeBron #3. I honestly think Wade is better than LeBron; granted, I’m one of the few, but peep the mid-range game. It absolutely DESTROYS LeBron’s mid-range game, and if anyone thinks otherwise, they’re a damn liar. It’s also hard to ignore what both have done in the postseason. LeBron’s a better rebounder and passer; Wade’s a better ballhandler, and probably a more efficient scorer. Both are leaders, and both are learning how to play D. All things considered, despite the fact I’m a witness, I gotta ride it out with Wade.

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