How many kinds of stupid must someone be? Dismissed, PacMan edition

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Dismissed, NFL, offseason

Adam Jones
George Gojkovich/Getty Images
Adam Jones may have squandered his last chance in the NFL.  This is the last time you will see him in a Cowboys uni and maybe any uni for any NFL team. 

So word on the street is that there was another incident involving Mr. Jones. 

The June 2007 shooting occurred outside a suburban Atlanta strip club.
One of the shooting victims told “Outside the Lines” that he had a
dispute with Jones inside the strip club and that not long after he and
the two others left the club, a hail of bullets struck their car. The
NFL knew about that incident, but charges were never brought against
anyone because the victims did not see the shooter.

“Outside the Lines” obtained information that police, investigating a
separate Atlanta-area case, had been told by an informant that Jones
ordered the June 2007 shooting following his dispute with one of the
men. Police have said while the case remains open they are not actively

Stank-0 is all about allowing some leeway to players but this is it.  Adam, you do not deserve to be in the NFL.  Let’s hope you kept that TNA connect cause no one else in the L is gonna put up with you. 

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