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Remembering a great player

Posted: January 30, 2009 in NFL, offseason, Quotables

After McNabb’s phone stunt, that got me to thinking about Shannon Sharpe’s rant during the Denver- New England game in the 90’s. I have the quote below, courtesy of SI.

As caught by NFL Films, speaking into a sideline phone during Denver’s 34-8 rout of New England on Nov. 17, 1996 —

“Mr. President, call in the National Guard! Send as many men as you can spare! Because we are killing the Patriots! They need emergency help!”

Some more Sharpe-isms.

On his high school grades —

“I didn’t graduate cum laude. I graduated ‘Thank you, Lawdy.’ With my grades, I couldn’t have gotten into prison.”

It gets even better, there’s three pages of Shannon being Shannon. We here at Stankoniforous Files appreciate any player who can run his mouth off the field and then perform on the field. I’m sure Stank-0 would agree. Shannon we miss you. Joey Porter is trying but he’s not on your level.

Advantage Serena

Posted: January 30, 2009 in Tennis
Serena and Venus Williams William West/AFP/Getty Images

The Williams sisters are in this picture but it’s really about Serena.  The “experts” were claiming that she might stumble and there she was the only American among the Russian invasion.  When exactly did Russian women come to dominate women’s tennis?  Did Stank-0 miss something? 

Serena is the odd year juggernaut.  Most of her titles in the Slams have come in odd years, if Stank-0 is not mistaken.  If that don’t beat all, she’s cakin outta control.  No Stank-0 doesn’t mean it that way, get your mind outta the gutter.  Her bankroll is bulgin.

It looks alot like 2007 for Serena.  She got on a roll and brushed opponents aside.  Could 2009 be a repeat? 

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A lil something

Posted: January 29, 2009 in NBA, posterized
I proudly present the best dunks of 2008.

NBA Top Dunks of the Year 2008

I gotta tell you that Richard Jefferson, Niocioni, and Nate Robinson’s dunks are sick! Any others that I missed?

I will be personally upset if Bill Walker, DeAndre Jordan, and Josh Smith are not in the dunks of 2009.

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Thought process

Posted: January 28, 2009 in NFL
This was prompted by a conversation between Stank-0 and a friend.  So, Stank-0 wants your opinion. 

The basic argument was that football players were not as smart as someone studying for a Ph.D.  On its face that is true, but Stank-0 is under the belief that people do not understand the amount of information football players have to process.   

First, there is the play itself.  The personnel and packages necessary.  Then the offense lines up and looks at the defense.  If the offensive coordinator or quarterback does not like what they say, an audible is called.  So all the information that was used for the play is now moot and new information is relayed through hand signals or codewords.  All this must be done in 35 seconds or less (the play clock’s length).

Then the play is run. 

As an example of the amount of information is processed in 3 seconds (the average length of a play), it took college quarterback Graham Harrell between 3 and 5 minutes to explain what he saw before he ran a quick slant to Michael Crabtree. 

Part of the reason for the amount of information is that there are 11 men on each side of the field so that increases the complexity.  There is a reason that players watch film because subtle changes make major differences in the outcome of a play.  The ability to notice that subtlety is advantageous. 

What say you, are football players unintelligent?

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Ladies and gentlemen, that player would be none other than Blake Griffin. The kid can flat out play he has the most 20 pt, 10 rebs game in the last 10 years. He’s a rebounding machine. He is nice.

OU just handled O-State in the Bedlam series. What is it about the Big XII that they keep producing good players? Durant? B-Easy? Blake Griffin (I think he needs a nickname…and no B-Griff is not appropriate.)

I noticed that Ed and Stank-0 have started a blossoming OU/KU online rivalry. This will be fun to watch especially when OU and KU play in the Big XII tournament. I expect them to be talking plenty of madness.

Anyway back to Griff, his line:

Blake Griffin, F 9-11 FGs 0-0 3Pts 8-13 FTs 4 Off 19 Rebs 3 Asts 1 Blk 2 fouls 26 pts.

Right now he is the POY. Just to add to it all, there was an OKC Thunder rep to watch him dominate. Is Griff POY or is there someone else? What say you?


Posted: January 26, 2009 in posterized
With all due respect to the poll running here, but I just saw the dunk of the month!

J Smoove aka Josh Smith clanked on Steve Nash something surrious.

Josh Smith pwns Steve Nash

Another one….

Josh Smith Dunks on Steve Nash


This is up there with DeAndre Jordan and Bill Walker’s dunks.  No question. 

As always [shout out to You got dunked on]

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Posted: January 26, 2009 in soccer
Getty Images

Guess David Beckham is good for something beside endorsements.  This tells you how much of a story this is, Stank-0 didn’t even know he was on leave from the LA Galaxy. 

Look, let’s put a few things out there.  No major soccer (football) star comes to the US to play at the peak of his power.  That’s just FACT like the Wendy’s commercial. 

The best players are in Europe.  So it makes perfect sense that Beckham is having buyer’s remorse. 

“I can’t say what will happen,” he said. “Even if my contract says that I’ll be here until March. We’ll have to see.

“At the moment I’m enjoying this experience. I’m at one of the biggest clubs in the world. And having won gives us confidence to continue.”


Just remember that a contract is a contract.  You wanted the $250M, now you have to live up to your end of the bargain.

“If he said ‘we’ll see’ it means he’s thinking about staying,” Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti told Sky Italia. “However, our hands are tied as he has a clear contract.

“We can’t do anything to change things, he can surely do so. He has to resolve his contract with the American team.

“I am realistic, we are capitalising on his presence at the moment and so, while we have him at our disposal, we will try to do things the best way possible.”

 See the coach knows the deal. Stank-0 thinks that Beckham can’t stand playing fifth fiddle to Kobe, Manny, USC football, and UCLA basketball out in LA. 

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NFL goings on

Posted: January 26, 2009 in NFL, offseason
Kerry Collins will start for the Titans next season.  Where does this leave Vince Young? 

This reveals that Vince isn’t put back together yet, which is unfortunate.  The word on the street is that Young fell apart b/c he had never been criticized before.  That makes sense.  In HS, he was told how good he was.  He arrives at TX and wins a title against a very talented SC team…so obviously he’s the next big thing. 

He gets to the NFL and almost leads a Titans team light on talent to an 8-8 record and sniff the playoffs.  So where has he heard, “Vince, you AREN’T hot s**t after all.  Now give me 50 up-downs.”

Is Fisher making Young go to QB camp or something?  They should be working on his throwing mechanics every day. 

Then lastly, Collins is not a spring chicken.  He’s got to be pushing 40. 

The NFL is a win right now league, but you have to build for tomorrow.  What are the Titans gonna do with Vince?  Sit him or deal him?

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Herm Edwards has been fired today.  This feels like the Pioli regime to Stank-0. 

The Chiefs have been in negotiations to land Mike Shanahan as their
next coach and a deal is near, league sources told ESPN’s Chris

If that part is true, that’s like Bill Cowher going to coach the Browns.  This just feels weird to Stank-0.  The coach from the Chiefs’ biggest rival is now going to coach the Chiefs? 

Shanahan will make the Chiefs’ offense better but what about the defensive side of the ball? 

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Rioting etiquette

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Tennis

Serbian Fans
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
The long and short of what happened in the Australian Open.  Serbian and Bosnian fans got into a fight.  Um…really?  Over tennis?  This is not the first time there was a tennis fight.

Ethnic passions boiled over for the third year in a row as Serbian and
Bosnian supporters clashed on tournament grounds shortly after Serbia’s
Novak Djokovic completed his 6-2, 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4) defeat of Bosnian-born American Amer Delic.

Stank-0 is not a fan of fighting at sporting events, however, if it must be done at least do it properly.  Europeans riot at soccer (football) games (matches).  Stank-0 could see someone gettin riled up at a soccer game, but tennis?  The competitors don’t even touch each other until the game is over.  So to all you ethnic sports fans of rioting tendencies, allow Stank-0 to help you. 

  1. If your team loses on a bad call, then yes throw a chair and start s**t.  
  2. If there is a blatant no call…
  3. If there is a flagrant foul that is ignored…
  4. If your team loses in the championship game…
  5. If your team misses out on the playoffs…
  6. If refs, umps make a horrible call and refuse to correct it…
  7. If a player intentionally hurts another player on your team

That’s about it.  So leave the tennis brawls to the video games. 

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