Tying up loose ends

Posted: December 22, 2008 in NFL, week 16

Stank-0 disagrees there were any “statement” games just games that make statements.

1st game that made a statement: GMen-Panthers. The statements aren’t what you might expect either. The Panthers ground game is surrious. The Panthers are the team no one wants to see in the 1st or 2nd round. Their line is playin very very well right now.

The GMen are the class of the NFC. They do NOT need Plax to win games, anymore. They do need the Hammer, nee Brandon Jacobs, as the weather gets increasingly bad at the Meadowlands.

2nd game that made a statement: Steelers-Titans. The Titans D line is the most ferocious in the NFL. They were without the services of Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch, yet forced 4 fumbles. Kerry Collins is more than a manager. Son threw a dart to Gage for a TD. A dart.

The Steel Curtain are increasingly leaning on Big Ben. Sometimes he shoulders it sometimes he does not. The Steelers need their running game back. Pronto. The Steelers are not that good against an equally physical team, ie. GMen and Titans.

Statements that need to be made: Stank-0’s beloved division, the AFC West, is in utter disarray. The Broncos had a 4 game lead on the Bolts. The division crown now comes down to next weeks game @ SD. The Broncos do not deserve to win the division after such a display.

The Chiefs are actually playing very well despite their record. They have lost the last couple games but they have been very close. That is heartening because that experience will be good for next season. They have at least 3 losses with a score of 7 points or less this season.

The playoffs are gonna have to be high drama to one up the regular season.

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