Dueling Superstars

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, NBA

The Lakers-Heat game ended exactly as it should have, with Black Mamba takin the shot that would win the game or lose the game. I won’t ruin for anyone go check for yourselves.

DWade and Kobe were goin hard at each other. It was tight most of the game, with the largest lead for either team about 6-8 points. That’s a game I can get into.

A few observations from the game:

B-Easy, you need to slow down son. You try to do too much at once.

Mario Chalmers has a great future in this league.

The Lake Show has an insanely deep bench.

Phil Jackson needs his beard back.

Andrew Bynum needs to work on his defense so he can stay on the floor. If he is necessary to the Lakers gettin to the chip, his defensive prowess will have to quantum leap like Scott Bakula.

Fish can still wet treys even in his 13th year.

The L is startin to make more travelling calls, which is fantastic and sad all at the same time.

The Heat offense literally runs through DWade, and that’s not good.

The Lake Show doesn’t NOT need Kobe to be on to win, and that’s scary.

Matrix looks lost in the Heat offense. He needs the Suns (and by extension Steve Nash) more than he thought he did. That offense was perfectly tailored to Matrix’ strengths. When was the last time you heard Trix name throwin around on ESPN, NBA pre-game, etc. etc.? EXACTLY! He essentially just rebounds and runs the floor now.

  1. i hate to say it, but i still think the Bulls should’ve drafted Beasley and the Heat drafted Rose. Well, the Bulls would’ve been fine either way but still…Beasley’s gonna be fine, but they need to trade Matrix to Golden State or to New York, and let Shawn get to running. Nice blog post fam, i like it. -Ed.http://www.edthesportsfan.com

  2. Werdssmith says:

    I was of that opinion at first, but now the pundits were right. There are already too many bigs on the Bulls’ roster. Rose would have fit better in MIA. NO reshuffling minutes and danglin people on the trading block. Shawn in GS? Hmmm…yet another lanky forward to add to the mix. NYC would make a better fit but he still needs that pass first point guard to set him up. NYC lacks that. I’m gonna come outta left field and say Dallas. Thanks for reading. Much appreciated. If you need a guest blogger get at me or Stank-0.

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