Drama, what drama?

Posted: December 15, 2008 in NFL
ELI ManningAP Photo

The Cowboys were obviously unfazed by the so-called T.O. problem. They went out and made life very uncomfortable for Eli, forcing 7 sacks on their way to the 20-8 dub.

Hopefully, this will stop ESPN’s 24/7 Cowboys coverage. Yeesh! There are other stories in the NFL right now. The Cowboys seem to play up to their competition to a great extent. We shall see, the rest of the schedule doesn’t get any easier.

The Falcons continue to amaze, beating the Buccaneers in OT. Stank-0 will say it first, Matt Ryan got game by the pound. He’s turned Roddy White into a #1 receiver. The Falcons, ya’ll, seriously?

The Vikes prevail over the Cards on the strength of Tavaris Jackson’s 4 TDs. Again Stank-0 was wrong, because Stank-0 has repeatedly called Jackson a bum and worse. He brought his A game today. Good lookin kid.

There are other stories, like the Chiefs pulling defeat from the jaws of victory against the Bolts,
the Lions remaining winless thus far, and the Pack’s postseason hopes goin up in smoke.

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