Posted: December 5, 2008 in 24 hour cycle, NFL
From the coverage the Plaxico Burress is receivin, Stank-0 thought he and O.J. strong armed them cats in Vegas. 

Stank-0 overheard to middle aged white people talkin about Plax.  This is a function of the 24 hour news cycle and Plax’s year so far.  Stank-0 understands the legal ramifications involved within being stoopit enough to shoot yourself in a NYC club, however, in light of Sean Taylor’s murder Stank-0 can relate to NFL players hold heat. 

The problem is that with this cycle, the time has to be filled somehow and Plax is an excuse to trot out experts and analysts who will talk on and on. 

Stank-0 hopes that other NFL players will take this lesson to heart and just hire security.  Let them beat down someone who gets to close. 

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