First glimpses

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Greg Oden, NBA
I had my worries about Greg Oden being able to stay healthy, but the 2 minutes he’s been on the floor have been impressive. Two points and 2 boards.

The Oden-ometer is running.  10:48 2Q, a dump down to Oden and he walks.  Surprisingly the NBA is liberally calling traveling this season.

9:52 He altered Michael Beasley aka B-Easy’s baby left hook.

9:25, Oden was a lil late on the screen and roll, creating a turnover.

Bruh, please trim that beard.  It’s not a good look. 

7:39, fouled DWade on his way to the cup.  Oden’s 1st foul. 

7:20, rejected by B-Easy. 

Oden looks a lil winded right now. 
Oden’s on the bench right now.  He clocked 9 mins.  Not a bad “beginning.”

3:00 3Q, Oden checks back in.

1:54, DWade just weaved around Oden for an and1.

15.9, Daequan Cook got Odenized. 

Oden’s sat the entire 4Q. 

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