Posted: November 10, 2008 in Big 10, Big XII, college football, Pac-10, SEC
In either case, the standings changed in light of Penn State’s stumble against Iowa

#1 and #2 remained the same.  Alabama and Texas Tech.  Honestly, Stank-0 is surprised that Oklahoma State did NOT beat Texas Tech, but that’s the Big XII this year. 

#3 Texas…not surprising.  The Big XII South is murderous. 
#4 Florida…see above.  The SEC beats each other up regularly as well.
#5 Oklahoma….Stank-0 will speak on them later. 
#6 USC…this is straight up SC homerism.  Who else is in the Pac-10 anyway?  Oregon State?  UCLA?  Arizona State?  Cal?  Stanford?  ***** Please! 

From this point forward, unfortunately, the rest of ya’ll are like the last pick of the NFL draft, Mr. Irrelevant. 

In case ya’ll haven’t noticed..#3,4,5, and 6 are all past National Champions.  If someone slips one of them is playin for the chip. 

BCS Championship Game:

Now here is my prediction for the national title game.  There are two scenarios: SEC vs. Big XII for the chip. 

My other scenario: all Big XII title game.  If OU wins out and Texas wins out, including the Big XII Conference Championship game, they will play for the chip. 

Now for this to happen, Alabama will have to fall in the SEC Conference Championship game, and Texas Tech will have to lose to OU in two weeks.  LOCK IT UP! 

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