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Posted: November 3, 2008 in Big 10, Big XII, college football, Pac-10, SEC
How did Texas Tech leap to #2?  Bama should be #1, they been been playin like it.  Because the Ohio State keeps crapping the bed, Penn State is payin for that by staying at #3.  How do you move an idle team though?  That ain’t right.  OU after their beatdown showout is #4.  Texas only dropped to #5. 

It is truly a Big XII SEC world right now.  HOLLA! 

To: PAC-10 and Big 10 11

To garner any amount of respect, a conference championship will have to be created and very soon.  How can you be a major conference and refuse to play a conference championship game? 

That don’t make sense.  Do better, early!

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