Coming of age

Posted: October 31, 2008 in NFL, Washington Redskins
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Honestly, Jason Campbell has made the jump this season.  Only the most die hard of Redskins fans could say they predicted this.  Campbell has learned offense after offense after offense.  It’s been unfair to him.  Stank-0 himself doubted that Campbell had the tools, but so far this season, son has INJECTED himself into the “best QB’s in the league” conversation.  The Washington Redskins have themselves a FRANCHISE QB. 

Stank-0 did say that if anyone could mold him it would be Jim Zorn, a QB coach.  Campbell is just that good.  Campbell has dropped some absolute beauties on his receivers, namely Santana Moss, the 2nd best little receiver in the NFL.  The question is how high is Campbell’s ceiling?  With the skill players he has around him, he could become an absolute beast.  For the foreseeable it will be Romo or Campbell?  Campbell or Romo?

As a former resident of dC, Stank-0 is glad for the Redskins.  They in a tough division and runnin with the pack.  Campbell, so far you have to be frontrunner.  Ya’ll know what Stank-0 is talkin about.  Respec’ game. 

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