We’re in London, blimey!

Posted: October 26, 2008 in New Orleans Saints, NFL, San Diego Chargers
The game kicked off the Saints held the rock for a long time. They just stalled out a 13 play drive and settled for FG. The Bolts D is looking pathetic. They missed Shawn Merriman more than they let on. They can’t consistently created pressure without an all out blitz. More later.

UPDATE1:  The Saints scored but it was extremely easy.  Brees rolled the pocket and hit a completely uncovered receiver.  They just missed the PAT.  That PAT may become very important later on. 

UPDATE2:  The Bolts fumbled on the kick off and the Saints recovered.  Deuce just ran in a TD.  Bolts need to do somethin and quick. 

UPDATE3:  The Saints scored on a nice double move on Antonio Cromartie.  Lance Moore, Stank-0 sees you shinin.  It’s 23-10, Saints. 

UPDATE4:  The Bolts have scored on a short dump off to LDT.  He looks good, the injured toe seems to healing up for him.  He has a nice run and a sick move to get in the hizzie!

UPDATE5:  Antonio Gates!  That was his drive, a deep jawn and then the TD.  23-17, Saints.

Final 37-30, Saints. 

Another surprise, the Miami Wildcats over the Bills, 25-16.  Patriots by virtue of their win are tied with MIA for 1st in the AFC East, aka the Lil’ Debbie Division. 

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