Once and for all

Posted: October 23, 2008 in New England Patriots, Randy Moss
Look, can we quit with the Wes Welker nutsack hangin, please?  Talking head after talking head Commentator after commentator praise him to the skies.  Uh…there’s a few reasons for his success.  1.  He plays for a better team, 2. Tom Brady, and 3.  Randy Moss

Randy Moss and Terrell Owens

Randy Moss SuperMan

So let’s role play for a second.  You’re a defensive coordinator and you are playing the Patriots.  You have seen the game film on Moss and Welker.  Who do you focus on stoppin more? 

A comment said it best about Welker. 

for wes welker, it should say the ultimate possession receiver who
thrives on having randy moss taking majority of the coverage.

Stank-0 recognizes Welker’s talents, but realizes his production is a function of the most physically gifted receiver to EVER play the game drawing double coverage.  EVER.  Once in a lifetime receiver. 

Randy Moss effected an entire draft.  He was the class of 98 and the very next year you saw a rack of corners and taller faster receivers get drafted. 

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