Dismissed, troika

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Dismissed, NFL
In case ya’ll forgot about the Dismissed series a quick rundown. 

This will be the start of my Dismissed category.  Whenever an NFL,
MLB, etc coach/GM/front office guy gets his walkin papers, Stank-0 will
post it here.  If Stank-0 misses any please send him an email so
he can update.

Previous parts here and here.

The 49ers are the latest team to give a coach their walkin papers, in this case Mike Nolan

The new head coach is the legendary former Bears linebacker, Mike Singletary.  Mike got “respec” in that locker room.  He was a key part of one of the greatest defenses in NFL history.  Those players will be willing to go through a wall for Singletary.  Watch, now the 49ers might start playin better.  Let’s call this the Haslett effect

Stank-0 imagines that the D will pick up now.  It will be noticeable in short order, lock it up!

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