NFL Week 8, the For real? edition

Posted: October 19, 2008 in Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams
Those are what you can say about the Buffalo Bills after a 23-14 win over the Bolts.  It wasn’t so much that the Bills outplayed the Bolts as the Bolts gave the game away. 

On another note, LDT is starting to round back into shape.  He looked good making his cuts.  The Bills created turnovers (an INT and some fumble recoveries). 

On another note, the Rams are b***hslapping the Cowboys, 34-7 right now.  It’s the 4th quarter 2 minute warning. 

Unsurprisingly, the Bears are in a shootout with the Vikes.  There’s a TD under review, but Berrian caught a sick out route in the red zone for a TD, 48-41.

The Panthers handled the Saints, 30-7.  Saints O don’t play D, so expect the opposition to score.

The Ravens stopped the Miami Wildcats, 27-13.  That Ravens D is no joke, don’t sleep. T Suggs, Stank-0 sees you stuntin with a 55 yd. T.INT. 

The undefeated Titans remained so, strangling the Chiefs, 34-10.  Poor Chiefs, poor T Gon, too bad you couldn’t get dealt.  LJ, how about making it to team meeting, playa?

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