Poppin in Cowboyland

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Dallas Cowboys, NFL
First, file this…under obviously.  Adam Jones has been suspended again, for four games.  A lifetime ban is still on the table.  From Goodell

“It’s going to be up to Adam and what he does in the following weeks.
Getting an evaluation and whatever treatment may be prescribed to him
at that point of time,” Goodell said. “Part of it is going to be
whether he’s willing to do some of the things that we are asking him to

This isn’t exactly unexpected.  Jones mixed it up with his own damn bodyguard.  Son is axing for trouble and it found him.  Adam, honestly, you have God-given gifts.  Don’t waste this opportunity.  Your window is starting to close, quite abruptly, homie. 

In happier news, Roy Williams is now a Cowboy.  The particulars of the deal.

The Cowboys will give up a first-round pick in 2009, plus a third- and
that year for Williams and a seventh-round pick in ’10.

Cowboys are negotiating a long-term deal with Williams, who can become
a free agent after the season unless the team places the franchise tag
on him, with owner Jerry Jones working on a contract extension that
will keep Williams in Dallas through 2013.

This may be the first thing the Lions have done right in a long time.  The Boys are trying to sign and get Williams acclimated ASAP. 

T.O and Roy Williams?  Who exactly do you take away? 

Stank-0 admires Jerry Jones.  He has the personnel to win now so he is making the moves to make it happen.  If, the millions and millions of readers my loyal following had any doubt the Cowboys were the most talented team in football, this should put any doubts to bed, with milk and cookies. 

Welcome to Big D, Mr. Williams.  The fan base will expect the boneheaded plays to cease immediately.   

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