How about them Falcons!

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Atlanta Falcons, NFL, week 6
Even though Kyle Orton threw a last second TD, the Falcons have played a helluva game. 

What can be said about Matt Ryan?  Stank-0 has been extremely critical about Ryan, but this kid is a player.  Credit has to go to head coach Mike Smith for instilling belief in the Falcons.  The game is knotted up 19-tight.  The only thing left is the point after.  The kick is good!  What an amazing comeback….there are still 11 ticks left on the clock. 

On the TD, the Falcons corner, Houston, hesitated on the route and he got fried up.  Kyle Orton?  Is this his team now? 

Updates will be upcoming.  The Broncos-Jaguars game is just now kicking off. 

UPDATE1:  Stank-0 needs to finish a game before writing post-mortems.  The Falcons kicked a game winning field goal as time expired to win 22-20.

UPDATE2:  The Jaguars pulled off an improbable victory against the Broncos, 24-17.  There was a dubious pass interference call that kept their final drive alive, however, the Broncos need to stop fumbling.  That’s not helping. 

The Rams HAVE BEATEN the Redskins, 19-17!  Iz u surrious?  The hapless Rams? 

Stank-0 guesses that ESPN drinks its own kool-aid too much.  The Ravens didn’t even put up a fight against the Colts at Lucas Oil, losing 31-3.  They folded like a cheap suit.  Three total points?  It can’t be the defense’s fault that the offense can’t score. 

The Saints whupped the Raiders, but what else is new, 34-3!  Can we disband the Raiders until Al Davis gives up control of the team.  The Raiders are bad enough to lose to a Division I college football team. 

The Cardinals are up on the Cowboys with 50 ticks left in the 4th, 24-21.  Maybe the distractions are gettin to them or the Cardinals are just that good.  Kurt Warner drinkin from the fountain of youth!

The Pack ran by the C-Hawks, 27-17.  Ho hum!  The Seahawks are just bad. 

The Vikes slid past the Lions, 12-10.  That’s really bad that the Vikings had to struggle to beat the Lions.  Maybe the Marinelli effect is real, that he doesn’t give up.

The Jets beat the winless Bengals, 26-14.  The Bungles are mindnumbingly bad, with the receivers that they have.   

The Iggles beat the 49ers, 40-26.  After Donovan McNabb called out his own team, who wouldn’t expect the Iggles to turn it on?

The Miami Wildcats lost to the Texans, 29-28.  The Wildcat formation is starting to take on more wrinkles. 

Next up, is a significantly less interesting, Patriots-Bolts on Sunday Night.  Then Monday Night, the GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and the Browns. 

UPDATE3:  The Boys-Cards went to OT and the Cards prevailed on a blocked punt returned for a TD, 30-24!  *Speechless* 

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