The two early games

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Big XII, college football

Oklahoma and Texas have locked up and it has been quite a game to watch.  It was back and forth all game long, but the Longhorns look to have upset the #1 Sooners, 45-35 with a minute and change left in the 4th quarter.  The Big XII South is lookin a little shaky. 

Oklahoma is the 3rd #1 so far this season, and they are goin down to the Longhorns.  Is this 2007 remixed? 

Also, can we kill this Red River Rivalry non-sense?!  It is the RED RIVER SHOOTOUT!  If ya’ll don’t like the word “shootout” then get over yourselves.  PERIOD!  These two teams do not like each other at all. 

In other news, them Jayhawks have bested the Buffaloes 30-14, in Lawrence, KS.  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU!  F Colorado!  Stank-0 doesn’t think that Reesing hit 300 yards for this game.  The offense was looking a lil shaky today.  They are now 2-0. 

The next game is Mizzou and Oklahoma State.  Mizzou can take control of the Big XII with a win over the Okies. 

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