A bit much, don’tcha think?

Posted: October 11, 2008 in NFL, Roger Goodell
Roger…no, Mr. Goodell are you serious?  A fine for the Cupid Shuffle?

chargers vs dolphins week 5

The celebration in question via Primetime.

As well as the Fins are playing, fining them is just wrong!  Does 1-15 ring any bells, Commish?  The Fins were a joke last season and they have already upended the Patriots and the Chargers 5 weeks into the season.  If those 300 lb linemen and Ronnie “Wildcat” Brown want to endzone dance, then more power to them. 

Commish, if you don’t bring the hammer down on Adam Jones
, then you obviously aren’t focusing on the important things in this league. 

This is truly the No Fun League. 

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